The next set of blogs that I wrote are a candid account of what my experience with chemo therapy was like. My body did not handle it very well at all. I believe in my heart of hearts that doing chemo was almost like spiritual enlightenment because when I recovered I was new person, my outlook changed completely.
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My heart goes out to you Josh, The first time my lovely wife received chemo was through the implanted port. I was by her hospital bedside, not in the chemo ward, because the first time the oncologist said " this may kill you, but we dont have time just to try it, if you dont, you may have 6 weeks left ". I felt as if I hadnt woken up, and was having the most unspeakable nightmare, how in gods name did we end up here ? We did the chemo for 48 sessions over 2 yrs and she tolerated it very well,she even wrote and had 2 novels published during the period. It was a different set of drugs to yours. One session the nurse forgot to give the dexi and my wife threw up. It is heartbreaking to see a loved one go through this. But eventually we looked on the chemo as good stuff, as it was prolonging her life. I wish you nothing but the best and the good fortune to be cancer free in the future. Wombat4
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