This post was rather short, but it was about the feeling that I got when i finally got to go home after being in hospital for three days because of the reaction I had to the chemo. man it always feels good to be home
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I was told by a nurse that many people take their own pillows,sometimes sheets ,into hospital because it helps them to sleep better . Nowadays most people are sent home to recover from operations much earlier than in the past . One of the reasons is that most are happier at home .
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Hi Josh & Silly I had my pillow plus a couple of sheep-skins for my 11 days in hospital, as after 14 hours on the operation table without moving, I had bedsore areas even before getting to the ward. Coming home was wonderful. Best wishes, Pamela 🙂
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Hi Josh, I have just finished reading your whole much of what you write rings true- I read with tears streaming, you have been so brave- you are truly inspiring. I was reading the bit about telling an 11yo about what is going to happen. My son was 10 when I had to tell him- it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do....too young for details, old enough to not be dismissed with a simple answer. Home definitely where the heart is, I remember coming home from having had a nephrectomy- I went straight to my bed and slept and slept and slept.....I felt recharged. I have not had chemo- your recounts of what you have endured show us that we never know how much we can cope with. My sister told me 'we are able to cope with what we are given- no matter what that might be' so true. Thank you for your story.
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