This post talks about the emotional affects after Cancer. I did have quite alot to deal with but counselling helped.
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Hi Josh, new on board. I have been ready your blogs and really enjoy the read. I was wondering if you intend to write a book, you would do a good job and it would be a great read. I feel you would be good at councilling go for it. looking forward to your next blog.
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Hi Roy. It is very humbling to hear that you have enjoyed reading my blog. There was talk of a book with a publisher but given that these stories surprisingly do not sell well they told me that I needed to consider something slightly different. So for now I am just going to keep blogging and see what happens 🙂
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Hi Josh, I was surprised to see what you said,as I have had a lot people ask me about cancer, and how they would know if they were effected, like myself I never knew, although thinking back now over a few years, different pains that I had I took no notice as the pains would pass. I beleive there is a site for novice writers to write and publish there work and sell, site is free of charge on the net. I will enquire more for you.
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