Hello all. My Operation went well. I ended up having a 9 hour opp - great news. I was told on the Fri pre admissin this opp can thake up to 22 hours. They took - total hysterectomy, gall bladder, part of the bowel, part of the stomach & fat as well (I weigh 61.9 kilos pre opp, so I aint got much fat lol) They took some peices bit higher where one of the 4 drains ended up being put through & small other bits & peices. The AMAZING thing was that I din't end up with a stoma. As the cancer was mainly over the opposite side by the ovaries they didnt need to do one. Thank goodness they caught it all early. I am still in Hopsital now, waiting for the foods to start to flow through more. Bowels have moved. But with the pain of eating I have not eaten much at all. This will be a slow process to get the food going down without the pain. Just another challenge .... I hope to be home by the end of next week - hope & pray 🙂
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