I am 4 weeks out of radiation therapy, 35 treatments in all, and on the road to recovery. I have stage II, squamous cell vocal chord cancer, on the right side, and hope to God that I have beat this. I am struggling to eat food, and my tastes buds and salivary glands are not functioning, and all food is tasting bad and very dry, so I need to drink with each mouthful, which dulls any taste coming from the food. This is the worst part for me, as I have always enjoyed eating. I have lost 30 pounds since my treatment started, and try to drink Ensures to feed myself, but even they taste bad. Hope all of these functions return soon, so I can feel normal again. Saw my oncologist yesterday for the 4 week checkup, and he said I am doing very well and need to be patient as to the saliva and taste buds. I am really trying, and it gets depressing to try to eat something, only to throw it away, because it tastes nasty. I am wasting soooo much food right now, but, I know I need to keep trying. Wish me luck.
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