it's been a very tough 2 weeks for my family, my wife had breast cancer just over 3yrs ago, it has returned as a secondary in her lung.Ct's and bone scans have since revealed it has appeared in her lower spine, behind her ear and some abnormal lymph nodes around her stomach.It has hit the whole family unit hard, hardest of all I think is my 8yr old step son, he lost his gran last year to lung cancer, he is still struggling to come to terms with that and then to hear his mum has cancer again has seen him hit rock bottom.I am trying to keep positive for everyone at home especially my wife which I am finding very difficult.
Of course it is a difficult time for you and your family. Nobody expects cancer to take over their lives in their worst nightmare. It makes the whole family suffer. You will be looked on as the main carer for your wife, and I think everybody that visits this site knows from first hand experience the trauma and heartache that it involves. You are not alone in this. Try to keep strong for your wife and step son. Think of the alternative, if you go under, who then takes over your roll?. In the future, you will look back on this dark time in your lives, and your heart will lighten in the knowledge that you were strong and helped your family with every ounce of your being. wombat4
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It sure is an awful shock to hear that the cancer has spread after such a long time.It must be so hard to inform the rest of the family,it's a real kick in the heart. All you can do is the best you can and know that you are not alone during these tough times,none of us are superhuman. Your stepson sounds like he needs special time and care,it's an awful experience for him to have to deal with all this.Has he got any friends to talk to? if not you may need to seek professional help to help him come to terms with both his mother and gran's cancers. My heart goes out to you and your family. Take care. Dotty
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I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you all. It is especially hard when children are involved . They need to know what is going on but only given what they can handle. Counsellors may be able to assist you with this . I hope you get support from others ,family ,friends and here. I know people here will help .
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