THE STATE OF MIND. It’s a curious transformation when serious illness occurs, In my case the thought processes have markedly changed. What was once important...has now become quite irrelevant, My thought processes radically rearranged. I now find myself clinging to each hopeful thought, As a drowning man will cling to a straw. I peer and search for the tiniest beams of light, From every tightly closed door. There are highs and lows and the moods swing about, As I grapple with illness and my state of mind. Like a moth to a flame...I am so drawn, To any good news I can find. It all seems so a cavern I dwell, Trying desperately to find my way. Trying to find comfort in all of this madness, So expensive this price I pay. I want to live I scream from my soul, Sorry....I am just not prepared to die. I hear your words...I am very ill, But the prognosis I will stand and bravely defy. The body suffers...but my mind is strong, I just have to learn to focus on its awesome power. The body may be ravaged...but there are few that know, I grow stronger each and every hour. Life is simply not all about the physical, Every day new strengths I seem to find. It is now to my heart and soul I cling, And importantly.... to a positive and determined state of mind. I have been struggling emotionally....I find writing helps....I hope this poem will bring a little comfort and encouragement to others out there? Pete. S.
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