Hi again everyone. This is my second post......I hope I am doing it right? As I said in my first post I find the emotional aspects of battling cancer very difficult. I do appreciate the answers and replies I have received so far.....thank you. I'd like to know of those dreaded side-effects of chemo? I am on a regime of 48 hours on (Bottle in a bum-bag) and then two weeks off. I find the four days after the unhook very difficult. Extreme fatigue, numbness of the lips, extremely sensitive finger tips and toes, a fowl taste in my mouth and disorientation and I get the shakes several times a day. I have no nausea thank God. I am alone in Melbourne and find the isolation very difficult. I was actually on holidays at Cann River in Victoria when I fell ill (real bummer)I was having my first holiday in two years. I was a B-Double truck driver doing the Adelaide/Brisbane run carrying grain (hence the username of 'keepontruckin). I have been largely on my own since early last November as all of my family are either in Sydney or Adelaide. I find this site a huge inspiration as I can communicate with people who are on the same wretched journey as me. I think it is only those going through cancer who really know of just how difficult this nightmare can be. Family and friends try to comfort and sympathize and support.....but they just can't understand how bloody awful this battle really is!
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