Fortunately I have had a good urologist and the most important feature has been our TRUST with one another. The start of our relationship was established on the basis that I placed my situation in his hands. The response I received was as exepcted it bacame like a personal relationship. There was no need to look for 2nd or 3rd opinions, which so many sufferers look for, which can be identified as the stress factor of wanting to know and what are the side effects. There was no problem with asking, because with TRUST on both sides it removes that element of doubt and you can go forward knowing that you are sharing your load with a FRIEND. From his advice I found the Westmead Support Group and from there found my way to becoming both a faciltator with PCFA and becoming involved with Cancer Connect. You learn so much from support groups and The Cancer Council thta all the stress of knowing you have cancer diminishes, why? Because you are sharing the load!!
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