was subsequently diagnosed with recurrent ovarian cancer after having PETSCAN and blood tests etc,  just shy of 8 yrs from my 1st surgery.   There were 3 nodes packed with OC cells and if I had waited till I had pain, two of them would have attached themselves onto the bowel.  One was on the pelvis.  Surgery was back on 8th February which has healed nicely.  I took the iniative to investigate getting a port in as having blood tests, getting a canula in me, took just so long. 

Never having a port, or knowing much about them, I didn't expect to be as sore or tender as I have been.  I reckon it's worse than what the main surgery was.  I really am trying to not do much with the arm lifting heavy things etc etc.  Hubby has been great again doing the housework.


I'll be on carbo/caelyx and I wonder if anyone has been on that combination and would like to discuss about their experience with it pls?  I start this Thursday 10th March.

Thank.  Joan.

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