For about a year I’ve had on and off swollen lymph nodes. One in the neck and in both armpits. They come and go about once to twice a month and are usually painful. I recently went to the doctor cause I experienced a new wave of symptoms that had me alarmed the past two weeks. Dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, extreme weight loss, difficult breathing, pain around my body, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, etc. I also had already been “diagnosed” with an enlarged liver and spleen. And during the physical exam my doctor mentioned how he could feel how distended my liver was. His first assumption is glandular fever and took some blood and told me to get an abdominal x ray which I will be doing tomorrow. I’m worried even tho I feel like I’ll show up to the next apportionment and he will tell me it’s nothing. I do think if he doesn’t have any conclusive Answers for me that I will push for further tests and a possible lymph node biopsy but I don’t want to seem like the patient who is convinced I have cancer. But I’m sure something is wrong.. I’m sick and my body is telling me that. What should I do.

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