We were expecting the worse as husband was feeling so sore in the stomach and CEA markers had risen. Results from MRI are that Liver is really good almost normal and tumour in bowel has shrunk and they may be able to do radiation on it as this tumour may be sending out signals raising the CEA blood markers.Feels like this is a step forward as they were unable to do any radiation or operate on the bowel when first diagnosed.Fluid around the peritoneium is about the same and as hubby was so sore and bloated he went into hospital last night to drain out the fluid.They drained out 7 litres and he has lost 7 kilos.Feeling extremely tender in that area at the moment but they say this will improve as all the blood vessels and organs find their place with the extra room.We felt like we had won 3rd Division Lotto and are feeling like we have had a reprieve for awhile. We sold our business that we have had for 18years and it settled last Wednesday.This is good news but also a bit sad as hubby loved going to work each day but the work had become too hard for him. I am looking forward to a good birthday tomorrow and a great Christmas with family & friends. Take care Gail
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