Hi My story is I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 29th October 2010. I had a Lumpectomy and an axillary clearance done on the 12th November. Results from that were Hormone Receptors negative and I found out last Thursday at the oncologist appointment that also HER2 status was negative. I was also told that I had a cyst on the liver. Fortunately he thinks it is benign but I have to have an ultrasound to check. Chemo starts on the 16th. Hopefully I wont loose my hair in time for christmas. Since being diagnosed with triple negative cancer I have been very emotional. I feel I was just starting to get my head around the first diagnosis, now I am back to square one. I have tried to do a bit of research but none of it sounds very positive. Thanks Karen
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Hey Karen, Let me be the first to say hello and welcome you to the site(i mean it in a nice way). Cheers Dave
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Hi Karen, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am sure that you are very overwhelmed with all that you have had diagnosed. At least you have joined a great website to express your feelings and interact with others. Thinking of you, you are not alone, craftyone
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Hi Karen How are you today? If you read my blogs you probably think I am not the best person to give advice, but I too have had treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. If you are starting Chemo on the 16th you should still have your hair for Christmas. My advice is that you don't do too much reading about this type of cancer - My oncologist has said that this type of cancer responds very well to Chemo which is a positive. Are you having radiation after your chemo? Take care and focus for now on looking after yourself and maybe setting up some strong supports. I was told by others on this site to 'be kind to yourself' - very good advice. Also ring the cancer council on 131120 as I found them so helpful and supportive while I was going through treatment- they were happy to talk as often as I needed - and they can send you a 'My Journey Kit' which is also very informative and helpful. Take care and do keep in touch with us all on this site. Kind regards, Willow. xo
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Thanks for all the positive thoughts and comments. They are very much appreciated. It makes me feel positive and that I CAN do this. I forgot to say in my previous blog, that I will be having radiotherapy once chemo is finished. I dont know much more that that as the Radiation Oncologist took pity on me and realized I couldn't possibly absorb anymore information. So has made another appointment for March. Thanks again Karen x
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