Hi everyone Well I am home and really glad to be here. Thank you so much for all the replies, support and suggestions. I did talk to my surgeon and she was very understanding. I will make an appointment with my local Dr this week. At the moment it looks like I won't need to go back to the hospital which is great news. I am taking things very slowly and focusing on recovery. I was shocked that this visit to the hospital affected me this way and realise that I need to address my stress levels and be a bit more honest with people about how I really feel. Not telling people how I feel has become a habit (a bad one) but it was because people don't want to hear that you are having a bad day or not coping. I thought I was on top of things and handling my life well but now I have to rethink where i go from here and what I do. I am extremely grateful for this site and the people who participate on here. Best wishes to all of you, you are always in my thoughts. Kind regards, Willow xo
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