Hi everyone Well I am home and really glad to be here. Thank you so much for all the replies, support and suggestions. I did talk to my surgeon and she was very understanding. I will make an appointment with my local Dr this week. At the moment it looks like I won't need to go back to the hospital which is great news. I am taking things very slowly and focusing on recovery. I was shocked that this visit to the hospital affected me this way and realise that I need to address my stress levels and be a bit more honest with people about how I really feel. Not telling people how I feel has become a habit (a bad one) but it was because people don't want to hear that you are having a bad day or not coping. I thought I was on top of things and handling my life well but now I have to rethink where i go from here and what I do. I am extremely grateful for this site and the people who participate on here. Best wishes to all of you, you are always in my thoughts. Kind regards, Willow xo
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So pleased that you are feeling better Willow. The stress knocks you around and I believe that so many of us aren't honest with those around us for a variety of reasons. It is SO difficult to take control of your life at times when you feel that it is overwhelming and out of control. PLEASE talk to your GP and head down the counselling road and if they recommend anti - depressants, don'r dismiss them out of hand. They have been my saving grace, along with the counselling.In fact I saw a friend/neighbour who channelled me along this route this time last year and she was making sure that I wasn't stressing myself too much and ensuring that I was still using the medication to help me through Christmas etc.It is great to have such thoughtful friends who understand. Anyway, again, so pleased that you are sounding so much more in control - but seek the help Take care, S
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Hey Willow Glad you are home again. thinking of you Julie xo
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nice to have you home Willow. take care Linda
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Hi Willow, Ditto to other comments, especially Samex's. It is hard to express yourself when people around don't seem to want to know - or maybe it's too hard for them to understand. A friend of mine comes across as though she doesn't listen, not responding at all, but later on comes out with a comment which shows that she DOES listen and cares, probably just can't handle or doesn't know how to respond. I think that it is important to tell people close to you how you feel and maybe they may understand more than you think. A bit of a quagmire, isn't it. Think of yourself a lot, though, and don't worry too much about what others think, they aren't in your shoes!! Take care of yourself, craftyone
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Hi Willow, So glad you wrote and told us you are home and getting some help. Glad to hear the op might not be neccessary as well. People do care if you give them a chance. Some dont know how, and some just wait for you to reach out to them. We have to ask first. Counselling lines are there for us. Take care and as craftyone says, think of yourself first and what you want, thats not being selfish. And share here anytime. I hope your days get better. Cheers Vicki
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