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had surgery 10 days ago, path report was good, tumour removed and the small vaginal tumour was 'probably' a hemangioma.So go home, sore but ecstatic!! no further treatment neccessary! Today surgeon called me. He was very upset. Some late path results came in, the vaginal tumour was not good after all, so I will have to have radiotherapy. I told my daughter... she's a doctor, also expecting her first baby in the next 4 weeks. We cried together. I feel a bit lost here. I know radio is the last call on this LMS. There are so many of you out there going through this and much worse, and I feel a bit guilty about being so completely sorry for myself. There are lots of things I need to do, but it's a bit like waiting for a bus, I get to see the radiotherapy specialist on Friday morning at 8.30am but can't really think of what to do until then. Cancer really messes your head up.
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