Can grief actually come out physically and make you sick? I have days when im so restless and feel all sweaty and hot and cold but have no fever.. also feel like im going to vomit and have to keep running to the loo... it feels terrible but there's actually nothing really wrong with me i think... i role around trying to get cool then im hot then i feel like getting up is a mission and a half... 😞
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mmm never heard of this but anything is possible, I guess. Try doing some exercise and keep yourself busy. My problem is sleep and appetite. For some reasons I don't have good long sleep like in the past and no appetite. I've lost 6 kgs in the last 2 months due to not eating much and exercise to help me sleep.
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This may not be grief, but it sounds a lot like the more physical symptoms of anxiety (surely an aspect of grief.) It may be worth checking in with a GP and getting it checked out- you may have a virus or something, or it may be anxiety related, but either way it's not something you just have to put up with. I'm currently getting counselling for anxiety issues, and it's not until now that I've realised how long my symptoms have been going on for, and how insidious (and easy to ignore) they are. Doubtless you will feel better over time, but it may be that your symptoms just lessen, rather than actually resolve. Sending you lots of healing hugs- take care of yourself. Emily
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I experienced some of that from grief when my first husband died, some at another time due to anxiety and the rest from 8 years of menopause (dry, burning, nauseous flushes). Always get symptoms checked in case it has another cause. Look after yourself, (((hugs))) Pamela 🙂
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