Mum passed away peacefully at home on 28/1/11 at 10.45pm after a very brave battle with cancer, I miss her so so much, she just turned 60 on the 15/1/11 that was her final goal, the first being there for the birth of my daughter Milla on the 18/11/10 and then christmas. We were all there by her side, spiritus care were so wonderful, supplying a hospital bed and being there everyday so she could be as comfortable as possible as her last wish was to die at home. The emptiness, sadness, heaviness and pain inside is almost unbearable, I can't stop thinking about mum, her smiling face, her voice,so many things and just wanting a hug only a mother can give. I am trying to be easy on myself, deep breaths and take a day at a time but my god it is hard. I am so proud to have had such a beautiful, wonderful and amazing mum... I love you xxx
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