I start a new batch of chemo next week. PICC line back in on Wednesday and then straight into the chemo. This one is a shorter cycle of 2 weeks and 6 cycles. I have Oxaliplatin and I have the 5FU bottle in again, this time only for 3 days a fortnight. on the alternate weeks I go in to have the PICC line dressed. Its a bit scary stepping back in to the chemo doses again. Not knowing whether this one will make me sick or not. I was fortunate with the last lot that I had no nausea. Hopefully this time it will shrink the lesions and tumours. I have been looking into some supplements, vitamins and minerals etc that might build up my immune system and give my body a better chance to fight these bad cells inside. LOL some claim they do great things. If only!! ... I think I have worked out a couple that could help. Good food first topped up with a good supplement or two. And onward we march! Cheers Vicki
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