Well, things have not gone smoothly since I decided to learn how to ride a motorbike, but if it's one thing I have it's dogged determination. If someone says I can't do it, then heck, I'll make sure I do it. There seems to be a bit of a sexist air around riding a motorbike and unless you are a female who looks like she's taking testosterone, then you have no business walking into a bike shop, buying a bike or thinking about riding on the road - unless it's on a scooter of course. If it's one thing having leukaemia has taught me, it's that you don't know what tomorrow will bring, so you need to do what you want to do now. And I want to ride motorbike. Not a scooter. Not a peewee50. A roadbike. Yes on the road...one day. So, despite facing opposition, I am continuing to persue this and hope to get on a bike sometime soon. Joyhoney
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Well done! Fight them at their own game. My husband used to ride bikes and it was such a bloke thing. They used to ride somewhere and then get off and look at the bike - not the view, the bike. Huh?? I know this may sound like caving in to pressure but do you have a blokey/bikey male friend that can go with you to the bike shop? Keep going, Samex
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Joyhoney good on you - do you want to borrow/keep my ex husband ? His family - bikers from the 70's when they were called 'bikies'. He and his brother, sister and mates, covered in tattoos would wreak havoc wherever they went -in the nicest possible way or so they would say!! Bunch of absolute nutters - no I wouldn't wish them on you or on anyone for that matter. One thing, they wouldn't let anyone give you any crap!! BORN TO BE WILD = GO FOR IT.
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I'm a female (well, last time I checked) and I used to ride a road bike. And I mean a real bike! Until I had my smash - I can't ride anymore :/ There is definitely an air of sexism unless you live in Melbourne where riding has quite a large female contingent. One thing I can suggest to get past the arrogant males who think women can't ride is to research everything thoroughly. If you know what you're talking about, it generally puts them in their place and shuts em up! For the most part though, most bike stores are seeing more and more women walk through their doors and cater for us as a result. Only thing I had a problem with finding was a good jacket that would hold my boobs (ugh big boobs are a curse) and boots. Most boots are made to cater for men whose calf muscles sit higher than womens and therefore most boots won't do up properly! Most of all, always wear your gear, no matter the weather! I'd ride in 40 degree heat with full gear. Don't ever take the chance, even on a small ride. Rubber side down!!! Jo xxx PS: If you ever want to ask questions, by all means just message me. Might not ride anymore but I still love it as if I still do!
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