Well I had my 6 months check up in June and it looks like everything is progressing. Even though I have an 'abundance' of enlarged nodes the three main ones they are really taking notice of are getting bigger. My oncologist said to me that when I have '3 nodes over 3cm its time to start treatment'. Two in my abdomen have grown to over 4cm but the one under my clavicle is 2cm. I don't know why but I am much more at ease after my check up. During the first 6 months it was all playing with my head. Not on a daily basis but I would definitely have my flat days. Since my check up I am more at peace and am just getting on with things. I am personally predicting that I will need chemo after my next check up in December the way things are going although my Dr said that they could actually shrink by themselves in that time and I would still have to wait. I am not being negative but my gut is telling me it's going to be the opposite. In the meantime I am looking forward to just enjoying life. Going on our family cruise in August, heading to Byron Bay with 6 of my girlfriends in October and then my 20th wedding anniversary with my hubby in November. I am also really excited to participate in the Relay for Life on 11 and 12 October. I've had an overwhelming response to a notice I put on Facebook. I have never 'put it out there' about being diagnosed so only really my family and close friends knew about it. I wrote how wonderful the Cancer Council has been in supporting me since diagnosis and they will no doubt be there through the long haul and I wanted to give something back to them and asked for people to sponsor me. I raised $300.00 in 6 hours. I still feel a little funny saying that I have cancer when other than feeling low sometimes I am really well. I think of everyone who is going through treatment at the moment and just hope that I am as brave as they all are.
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Hi Kazza, I have just been diagnosed, July 1st. I am keeping as positive as I can be for myself but mainly for my kids. I can see how coming to terms with a diagnosis like this can play with your head. I am usually quite a tolerant and patient person but I have been really irritable lately and definately cannot be bothered with people who dont think before they talk. Not really taking anyones rubbish right now. I also have an underlying feeling that I may have to have extended treatment after my surgery. I always try to listen to my inuition it is usually accurate. However I can see that having cancer plays with your head so much that in the end your not sure what is real anymore. And the waiting... 28th July is appointment day I am using all my spiritual knowledge etc to keep myself focused and I want to say I admire your outlook. I am also finding it wierd sayng I have cancer. I mean I am saying it, I can hear myself say it, I know it's real and true but it is really a surreal feeling. It's like I'm in a void. I guess it is just that I am thinking I will wake up and it will go away but I know it wont. I guess once the surgery happens it will all change again. I wish you all the best for the next 6 months as you watch and wait. I hope it is positive for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and where your at right now. Take care. Kind regards, Juno.
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