I had radiation to my nose and eye area in June and July 2010. A few weeks ago tiny bits of skin startred to peel off my nose . It's not a big thing but enough to add to the unattractive things cancer has done to my face. This side effect was unexpected . And over a year later!I aked my opthamologist about the operation to remove excess skin from the upper eye lids to improve my sight . He said it was not possible with the eye affected by the cancer surgery. I could get the other done but I know that my two eyes would look even more different to each other.I will get lots of other opinions. My field test revealed that I had lost some peripheral vision but not enough to worry about. The sight in that eye was also a tiny bit better and the "good" eye was a bit worse than last time. I have mixed feelings about this doctor . He operated on my eye to unblock a tear duct and it was only partly successful . This operation rarely fails . He was puzzled. Less than 5 months later I had more symptoms . Another 5 months later I was diagnosed. It turned out that the tear duct blockage still left was cancer and that operation created an opening for it to spread into the nose . I only continue to see him because he's handy .I don't have great confidence in him but I don't know if I need a better doctor to check my eyes. If I ever needed any kind of operation I would go to another doctor.
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