Hi all! I hope I don’t come across as some paranoid oddball, but thought I would ask opinions here. 

I’m horrible with timelines, but I’m guessing at least 3 months ago I noticed 2 small rash spots on my belly. Didn’t think anything of them. 
Well, they have been multiplying. Randomly. They don’t itch horribly. Every so often they may, but for the most part I wouldn’t even know they were there. None have gone away. I just keep seeing more. Some smaller. Some larger. Abdomen, breasts, lower back, legs. Cortisone cream does nothing. 
I am 40 years old. Diabetes and hypertension. 
Some of them start more ‘raised’ than others. But mostly they’re just a round, red patchy spot.  I don’t believe it’s any kind of contact dermatitis due to timeframe and how it’s developing on my body. No new medications. Does not go away. 
Would appreciate any feedback. I apologize, I tried to be as discreet as possible with my pictures due to location of the rash. 


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Hi SheaShea80,


It's very hard to tell from the photos, but I really think you should consult your GP about it.  Unfortunately, they will probably need to see them in person to make a proper diagnosis, but you should call him/her just to make sure.  At least now, they are allowing phone consultations with your doctors .  You never know, they may be able to give you an answer without actually having to see you.

I hope you get it sorted.



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Thanks Budgie. I do have an appt tomorrow. I needed to go in for bloodwork anyway regarding my diabetes. I also sent them a few pictures thru the patient portal. Shall see what the NP thinks tomorrow. Well wishes! 

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Glad to hear it. 🙂


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Did you get an answear about this rash? 

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I did. Mine was not cancer. It was a rash that’s believed to be caused by a virus. I can’t remember the name of it though. Dermatologist prescribed an ointment, and it was gone in a week. 


Thank you so much for  your answer 🙂

So good to hear! Ive hadd these patterns for three years now, and the doctors dosent seem to figure it out. 

Im really interrested to hear more about youre experiences, the meds, and mayby you will remember the name on the virus to 😂

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