We have a cat that is allowed to roam outside and inside. It usually poos outside but we also have a litter tray inside. It jumps up on the kitchen bench and drinks from the kitchen tap which I think is gross! A family member starts chemo treatment forstage 4 lung cancer next week so I’m wondering if we should be locking it outside for the duration or perhaps as a permanent thing? What are the risks associated with cats being near the food preparation area too? I need some facts not judgement please. 

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Hi Jamo,


This is coming from a person with no knowledge or expertise. I have no qualifications and no pets. I have seen and read though, how much difference a family pet can make, in the healing process.

My older brother has a heart condition,  he would be dead now if not for his dog. He loves that dog more than life itself.

I wish you , your cat and especially that family member al the best. I hope you get good news all round.



Thanks Lindsay. I agree with your comment on pets as therapy and we definitely don’t want to get rid of the cat. Perhaps limited access during the first week after chemo may be beneficial but not sure on risk of transmission from cats to humans. So much to learn! Thanks for your kind words and all the best to your brother and his best mate x

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Hi Jamo,


I would keep the cat off the kitchen bench, in fact off all meal prep/eating areas.  

It's easy to teach it to stay down, just get a small spray bottle ($2 from coles or woolies), fill it with water & squirt the cat with the bottle set on a jet stream setting every time it gets onto the bench or table.  Ensure it has a clean bowl of water within easy access instead of the kitchen tap where it normally drinks from.  The cat will soon learn to stay off the bench, & will get down as soon as it sees you pick up the spray bottle.

 I have a cat, & she has learned.  She is now very well behaved.


All the best for you & your family.







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Proactive approach 👌👍 good idea Budgie

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I've always had cats around and in the house.

The only time I've had any of my cats jumping up high, is when they are trying to get my attention for some reason. Usually food or a lack of clean water.


If they have access to clean drinking water and they get fed twice a day, I've never had issues with them jumping up on to tables. There is no way I would be allowing my cats be jumping up on food prep areas.





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Hello Jamo  Cats love running water. Give it a water fountain. Check online at pet places or you can make one with a small flower pot with no hole and a small pump and some pipe

or tube. Put some rocks around the pump to hold it in place. You both win, it looks pretty plus the sound of running water can be very soothing. Maybe it will keep your kitty off your counters. Let me know if you try it. Hope it works for you. Wish you and your family well.


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