A big good morning Tinman supporters and followers.

Another day and the sun has risen again ( thank goodness , life would be a bit dull without the sun).

The last few weeks have been awesome camping with friends, concerts, trip to Fraser Island and lots of R & R.

Unfortunately today reality bit and I had to start preparing for the start of another regime of chemo tomorrow.
Bloods were taken this morning and I am now mentally preparing for the impact it will have on me, my lifestyle and my family.
As they are using 2 heavier chemo drugs, I have no idea what the side effects will be but I will be tough ( as per usual).
I have been told that the specific drugs being used can affect my nails and it has been suggested that I paint my nails with black nail polish. This is going to be great as I always wanted to front a rock band . Sadly I cant sing.

The one thing I am very thankful about is the professional help I have available to me. The support there is awesome, the care and compassion is second to none.

I was asked am I dreading going back to the Day Oncology unit? Truth of the matter is, the nurses become part of your weekly process and you do miss their interaction. So it will be great to see their smiling faces again ( it amazes me how they stay so bright and bubbly faced with what they see daily).

Anyway dont worry , I am still facing everything with a positive attitude and ready to fight this new fire front with everything I have.

Stay tuned for more stories from the cancer fire ground.

Keep smiling and laughing.

" The Tinman"

( you can find me on facebook)


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