Wow who would have thought that 12 months later the fun begins again.

Today I go in for a biopsy on a lymph node. ( indication is it is only an inflamed node but doctor wants to make sure)

Tomorrow I meet with Radiation team to discuss the strategy moving forward.

Definitely nervous times but there is a silver lining.

During my working life I have been well advised by my financial advisory team. They set me up with Critical Illness insurance, Income Protection insurance and life cover insurance.

What this means is that I can focus on dealing with the cancer and not worrying how I am going to pay the bills. This and Mary continuing to put on a brave face and turn up to work each day ( I love you for this Mary) has definitely reduced any financial stress.

If you are running your own business or are the main income source, I highly recomend you talk to your financial advisor regarding insuring yourself.

Once I have the Radiation and Chemo plan in place, I will focus on dealing with the side effects involved.

The one thing I am proud of is my ability to stay positive each day. This positive attitude results from only dealing with what is presented and not letting the white noise take over.
Oh and Camping. Camping solves a lot of problems.

Tinman fans I really appreciate the support, well wishes and phone calls I am getting.
Please remember I am not the only one facing medical issues and the others may not be sharing their problems as publicly as I am. So be vigilant and ask the question R U OK?

Keep smiling and laughing.

"The Tinman"




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