Sitting on the beach at Inskip has given me the oppurtunity to stop and reflect on what the year has dealt me, where I am now and what the future may look like.


What can I say.
Yes the cancer diagnosis was a shock.
Lucky for me I was referred to an awesome surgeon who was willing to do the risky surgery and an oncologist who knew her stuff.
This allowed me to have the tumour removed and any remaining cancer cells bombarded by chemo.
This was only half the battle.
If it wasnt for my loving family, awesome friends and the well wishes from people I didnt know, I would not have been able to remain so positive.
As you all know by now, the surgeon and oncologist are confident that they have succeeded and there is 5 to 10% chance that I will have any further cancer issues. 🙂


3 Weeks ago I had my last chemo treatment.
This was 2 treatments less than planned by the Oncologist so that I would be over the chemo side effects by mid September.
Why mid September?
Every year towards the end of September, I attend the Harcourts Foundation fundraising camping trip and a week at Fraser with mates.
The Oncologist was adamant that I was going to be well enough to attend these events.
The good news is I have made the Harcourts event this week ( been a great week) and I am planning for the Fraser week with enthusiasm.

While the above is exciting , presently I am still battling with swallowing food. A few more balloon dilations are planned which should help things . In the mean time balancing food in and energy out is the main issue.


Wow, what will the future be like.
As mentioned in previous TINMAN posts I have had to close down The City Rouseabout Handyman Services business.
While the business was going very well, my strength and Stamina will not be sufficient to keep the business going.

Thus after further recovery I will be looking at a career change early next year.

What will my new career look like? I have no idea.
A suggestion of proffesional clown has been dismissed.

I can guarantee that my future career will be for the sole purpose of allowing Mary and I to explore Australia and hopefully other exciting places around the world.

A scare like this year definitely makes one stop and reassess things.

More recreation time camping and fishing is definetly on the cards.

In addition I will be catching up with the many friends who have been there with me throughout the year.
So dont be surprised if I organise many catch ups.

Keep smiling, laughing and enjoy life.


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