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As family, friends and acquaintances know I was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in early January 2019.

While family and friends are currently dealing with or have dealt with cancer , my understanding of what they are going through or have dealt with was limited.

Thus I thought I would dip my toe into the world of blogging.

I will try to avoid mindless dribble by including the good , the bad and the ugly of my cancer fight.


"The Tinman" nickname was handed to me during my years on the committee with Albany Creek GPS Rugby Union Club.
One meeting we were discussing something ( cant remember the exact topic) when out of the blue I made a comment along the lines of " just like a bunch of tinmen running around the field".
Stunned silence greated me and thust The Tinman nickname stuck.
So "The Tinman" persona with its lightweight titanium suit, empathy and strength will keep me strong during the battle.


Keep smiling and laughing.




" The Tinman"




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