I am feeling so angry at the moment, Im angry that dad is not here with us anymore, Im so angry at that rotten cancer for taking him away from us, Im angry at what the cancer done to dad, how he fought his battle with such strength always putting us first,I Miss Him so much, that rotten disease has taken away a wonderful man, my mum is so depressed & she is so lost without him, we are all lost without him, I keep seeing dad as he was in the hospital & it breaks my heart, I hope one day thoses images will be replaced with happier ones, ones of the times we spent together, laughing & just being happy together.I just can't accept that Dad has gone... To all you beautiful & Brave people fighting this hideous disease, to the wonderful carers looking after their loved ones, I wish you Strength & I send Big (((HUGS))) to you all. Love Alison xxx
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