Well, we finally made it. Rob's last chemo cycle is on Monday! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were in hospital, getting the diagnosis and our lives fell apart. 8 months has gone past in what seems like a blur! The last cycle did hit Rob especially hard (God, you were so right Samex!). His onc decided to stop the Oxaliplatin as Rob was getting bad neuropathy which he said would get worse before it got better. He wasn't half wrong - poor Rob was hobbling about because one of his feet went numb and was quite painful to walk on. Rob has the wonderful ability to heal rather fast so hopefully the nerves regenerate quickly. He seems to be doing ok for the moment although he is really having a hard time with the fatigue, me thinks he's just over it completely and I don't blame him. He's now having chemo at home as he doesn't have the Oxali drip anymore which is great for him. No more sitting in the hospital for hours - his home nurse comes over, hooks up the pump and comes back in a couple of days to take it off. Which is good, because I start my new job this Monday! Yep, was offered a position last Monday which I accepted and wouldn't you know, since accepting my phone has gone off tap with people wanting to interview me. Weird. Things are really looking up for us now which is weird given a month ago, life just looked so bleak. I think it all began with Rob getting the all clear and has just gone from there. I can't help feel a little guilty though as there are good, kind people here who are still suffering or grieving. I think of these people often and wonder what we can do to help, wish I could ease the pain in some way. We have since become a part of something we both believe in and have offered our services in the desire to see it come to fruition. Something that will bring a sigh of relief, a smile to those who are in the same boat we are. I hope everyone is coping ok and plodding along. Jo xxx
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