I feel like i'm at a crossroad at the moment. It's nearly coming up to four months (next wk) since Ben (husband) has passed. I'm going through all the emotions of losing someone so close and dear to me but also are feeling like I need to get back on the wagon of life (so to speak) and try to move forward with my own life. I know that this is what Ben would of wanted for me but I have these terrible guilty feelings that maybe I should't be. I keep thinking about what others may think or worse actually what they may say to me (negative rather than positive words). I already returned to work in December to try and do something to keep me preoccupied and unfortunately bills don't pay themselves. Maybe I am trying to move on too quickly but then again what is the point of mopping around home all the time, its not going to bring back my husband. Are there others out there that are going through some same feelings or have done in the past, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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