Hi, I thought i would give blogging a go, im 56 and not very computer literate but feel i have alot that needs to be said about my illness and my experiences, that to be honest, i cant express sometimes to the people i love. My daughter has convinced me to express my feelings and thoughts in this online journal, i must say i was and am still, a little sceptical about this. Im not sure what to expect. But im hoping to hear from people who are feeling exactly like i am. Having been through two cancers and then discriminated against and dismissed unfairly post my 2nd cancer, this experience has been very difficult for me to deal with. My emotions keep going up and down and sometimes i find it hard to look at the bright side of life, that i survived. This cancer, like most - has left a hole (literally) in my life. Im now finding it very difficult to eat, to swallow food, sleep, be happy. Im trying to keep myself occupied but at times i dont have it in me to get out or even get on the computer. Its been nearly 1 year and a half since my operation for throat cancer and i am still in alot of pain, experiencing bleeding and soreness. I am on pain medication but alot of the time it doesnt help. The simple pleasures in my life for me i feel sometimes, are gone; simple pleasures like eating, telling my daughter i love her and just having motivation to do things!
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