My Mum was diagnoised with stage 3b non small cell lung cancer in september last year, around feb/march this year we found out that it has spread to her brain, mum has undergone chemo and radiation for the lung and more recently radiation on her brain, while mum has been mostly positive I feel like she throwing her life away and I simply have to watch her do it. Mum is a smoker and when it was just on her lung she would tell everyone she was giving up and hide it from friends, once it spread to the brain her smoking has increased to about 50 per day,I watch her sit outside staring into space basically chain smoking, I've spoken to her about it but gets so upset that she shakes and then totally forgets about it. I feel like smoking is more important to her now than her own children and grandchildren who she lives for Mum has been told that she can't drive anymore yet gets in the car when she chooses to, it is not just her safety but everyone else on the road for gods sake, I am a stay at home mum and pick her up and take her everywhere so why the risk! When she has doctor appointments she downplays her symptoms and medication doses and won't let you say anything. I love my mum more than anything in the world but I just can't watch her do this, life is too too precious to be wasted, what can I do?
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