I had my second operation about a month ago and since then have been really happy with how things are going. I have been able to do most things like cooking, cleaning, walking, shopping, going out with friends and things like that. I have treated this time a bit like a holiday and have enjoyed it. I started treatment with Chemo and Radiotherapy two days ago and have not had any side affects from it so far but the doctors said that the most likely thing is that over the course of the radiotherapy I would get tireder and tireder over the course of the treatment but it does not happen to everyone and they think I will be okay with it - but will see what happens. From yesterday the doctor said that I should half my dosage of the dexmethsone, which should be a good thing if that does not have any major affects because some of the side affects of dexmethsone are irritability, over eating and weight gain as well as sleeping difficulties so if those things can be reduced it will be a nice thing.
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