This last week has gone by so quickly and I am still enjoying being back at work - well sort of!!! There may be a bit of pressure on this week - a near impossible deadline to be achieved by 22nd June. This will mean extra hours and possibly weekend work. A year ago this would not have been a problem but have decided 'no way Jose!!' Happy to maybe put in an extra hour each day - but hey. Also have been thinking. I am a worrier - used to be about work, then about anything (primarily 'the return') and now again about work and 'the return'. This job is only a short term contract - 2 months max so no long term future there. Why the worry? Is long term worrying and the resultant stress carcnegenic? I know it is not great for my current situation. Decided tomorrow to wake up early, go for a walk, then try to do some meditation. I'll let you know how it goes. Also - moving back to Sydney in July. Excited and looking forward to moving back to our apartment on the harbour.
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