Well tomorrow is my first chemo session and I am feeling a bit scared.Not of the needles and things just the after effects.I have my beautiful Daughter taking me has been to all my appointments with me .Her workplace have been very good changing shifts around to accommodate.will be thinking of all inspirational readings I have read here. Mazza
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Hey Mazza Hope your first chemo goes well for you. I had mine when i was an inpatient and its all kind of surreal now. I used to have a movie image of having chemo and sitting back and using imagery or reading a book. Mine was far from that and in a nice way really. I had a heap of nurses popping their heads in to see if i was "ok". They were all wonderful and i pop back in occasionally just to say i am still "ok". Just remember to talk to your doctor if you get too many side effects from it as they can change medications to help you cope and make life a lot more pleasant. Julie
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Hi Mazza, I'm glad your daughter is going with you. I faced the first few hours on my own and then my ever faithful mum and dad joined me and made sure that I was safely home where my then 18 year old asked if he could have a bbq with some friends that night. No idea!. I guess all that can be said is ask for all the information that you can and don't be too despondent when your body does things that you don't expect. Your experience will be different to anybody elses's. Give yourself goals to see yourself through it all. Mine was a facial at the half way point! remeber to let go here if you need to. Always someone to listen. Take care, S
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