Whilst a week off from work I spend 3 of these days with my mum and dad. Mum is tired but just goes through the motions to support Dad through this time. The days revolve around medication, keeping dad comfortable and ensuring he is warm etc. If there is a noise of movement in the house we are both on the look out to make sure that he is okay; where is he? well we both follow the oxygen tubing that leads us to him. If he is in bed, in his chair or wherever he maybe he is struggling to keep his eyes open and we are always stopping to check there is still some rise and fall of his chest whilst we hold our breath... My Dad and I have a special bond as many daughter/father relationships are but one thing that has always been our special time was to attend rugby league matches here in Melbourne. Whilst mum thinks that we only went for the jam donuts, we knew that this was something that we could share. On Wednesday night we both were comfortable and ready to watch the State of Origin match, it was also uncomfortable and sad to know that this will probably be the last time that we watch a match together. Im not sure how much of the match Dad saw as everytime I looked at him he was sitting peacefully with his eyes closed but I knew that this meant a lot to both of us to have this time together.
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