Wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but I am glad I had my Daughter for support.Didn't sleep much last night up all night heating heat packs for my tummy. Been very tired all day.
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Hi Mazza Glad your first chemo went ok for you. The whole process we go through is pretty overwhelming initially. I felt like i was caught up in a whirlwind to begin with and then things started to ease up a bit and i could breathe before starting another phase. :) Julie
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Hi Mazza, I am so pleased that your first chemo went okay for you and that you had your daughter for support. It’s great to have someone to talk to thru chemo, helps to make the time go quicker. It is a tiring experience, so do get plenty of rest. Put your feet up and watch a movie, or read a book, whatever you enjoy that is totally relaxing for you. Let your family spoil you for awhile. Take care. Reindeer
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Hi there Mazza, I'm really glad your 1st chemo is over with & wasn't as bad as you thought. I think for all of us it's very daunting in the beginning cos it's like we are stepping into a whole new unknown world & it can be very scary. I think it's great you had your daughter with you because her being there & seeing what you've been through first hand & how it all works also benefits her to understand you better. The whole process is very draining Mazza so make sure you try and rest as much as you can. Take care......Mez 🙂
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