Three months ago, my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and Heart blocks 2 months back had by-pass surgery 3 weeks back had stomach cancer surgery The pathologic biopsy reports stage says it is pT3 pN1, now we are planning for chemotherapy and radiation. I need help/suggestions in understanding few things since all these are new to me .. could you either provide me your email or contact number so i can talk to you.
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Hi Harry, Welcome to Cancer Connections. Just to let you know that we recommend sharing personal contact details via Private Message only here on the website. You and your Dad are clearly having a rough time at the moment. Can I suggest you give our Helpline a call (during business hours) on 13 11 20? Our staff will be able to discuss your concerns and could provide some answers to your specific questions. They can also let you know about relevant resources and programs that may be of assistance. You can also find some relevant information here: Kind regards, Felix Cancer Connections Coordinator
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