Two weeks ago, my aunty was diagnosed with...well I'm not even sure. The doctors say it developed from a melanoma she had removed years ago. She has 4 tumours in her head, and masses throughout her body. They won't give her a time or anything, just that they won't operate. This week, Tuesday, I was checked for any return of my bladder cancer - there was nothing there, which I am so thankful for. Because of the rise in cancer rates in my family over the last few months, my dad decided to request a chest CT because he was having similar symptoms to his twin (my aunty) and wanted to make sure he was being paranoid. My dad has lung cancer. I cannot believe this. Now, again, my family is in meltdown all over again. My dad is the strength of this family, and it is killing me to see him so terrified. I researched all kind of cancers when I was diagnosed, and checking symptoms, and trying to convince myself I had nothing else wrong with me. I know the survival rates of lung cancer is the poorest in the world. How the hell are we supposed to go through this? My life has just turned into an utter nightmare -again- overnight.
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