As some of you know I have recently been in hospital for a total right knee replacement. When I came home from hospital and rehab I had so many messages to read. Close to 350 emails too!!. If you have sent me a message and I haven't replied sorry, and hopefully this combined message to everyone is ok. Would just like to thank everyone for their friendship and support over the last 2 and a half years since I was diagnosed with cancer. Jill, hope everything is going well for you and Greg. Sharon, that you get some good positive news after your recent procedure. For anyone else that has had recent procedures, hopefully your news has been good and positive too. Does anyone else feel like this? In hospital I was asked if I was in pain - I answered no, and after a few more questions with the same reply, the doctor said that I was "one tough lady". Does having cancer make you like this. Tough and strong? Thanks again everyone, love Bev
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Hi there Bev, Hope you're recovery is going well. Someone close to me had a knee replacement a couple of years ago so & i've known many others over the years & even though i've never experienced the pain involved, i've seen it & it sure doesn't look like it "tickles!" You are one tough lady Bev but i also really do believe that having cancer definitely makes us tougher & stronger. I think it takes something eg. like the operation & rehab that you've just been through for the new found strength to shine through. The hospital staff have made you realize just how strong you really are. Take care Bev..............hugs Mez:)
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Hiya Bev Hope you are feeling good after your knee replacement. My mum had one done and she has been great since. I had about that many emails to wade through when i had my cancer, in one account. lol Take care Julie xo
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