Sometimes, when i read others blogs my heart just goes out to them for the grief, or fear or whatever emotion that is that they are experiencing at that particular time. Sometimes, it just feels like the impact of cancer is never ending for people who have it touch their lives. Even when we have a good outcome from a test and then you feel for all of the people who dont have such a great outcome. Next w/e i am going away with someone who hasnt had such a great outcome from her scan and i feel guilty because mine was ok. This is not the first time this hass happened to me. I visite someone years ago who was dying from cancer and she told me i was lucky because i was surviving it. I left that person's house and felt an incredible amount of guilt for being the survivor!! Once again just another example of the impact of cancer. I suppose we could just type on and on and on about it all. Sometimes, i just wish i had the power to do something to help.
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