48 and diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer 3 days ago. In a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. The last three days have been so busy. Prior to that was two surgical procedures in two weeks. One emergency surgery. Back in hospital on Monday and a port is to be inserted for the commencement of Chemo. (Pallative) Two weeks ago I could walk across the road, take my dog for a walk and live a life free of cancer. Today I just manage to make it to my bedroom. I have done the will, the funeral and told the family. The hardest thing I have ever had to do. There is no false hope here. I am going to face this head on and with as much laughter as I can manage. But I think at this very moment I am having a "bad minute". The one where you can't stop crying I hope to be laughing in the next one *smiles* The avatar is "Feathers McGraw" from wallace and Gromit. Not becase I resemble the penguin in anyway may I add!! But that show was one of the joys of my Son growing up. Yep this is a miserable blog post. I expect to improve! But the early hours alone are probably the hardest for me since the diagnoses. Got to smile for the family *smiles* Weed
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