Dropped in to say hello. Marked on my calendar 8th October is Mammogram/Ultrasound Test. It has been nearly 4yrs since my breast cancer surgery, a good milestone I feel. Whilst the mammogram does not capture my best angle 🙂 it gives me a sense of security having these tests done and I am quietly confident that everything is OK. I am allowing "two butterflies in my tummy instead of the masses I used to feel". I have a story I would like to share, if we pass on our experiences it may help someone,now or in the future. A few months back I had unusual symptoms, my breathing was becoming a little laboured and I was experiencing tenderness in my breast. One day at work, sitting at my desk, I felt much worse, something wasn't right with my body. I asked to go home, now what do I do? I puzzled. My local GP was on holidays, she knew me and had all my records, I didn't want to get stressed waiting around at hospital, I rang my Oncologist Specialist instead. He could see me in a few days, so I made an appointment. Come Friday, my symptoms had eased somewhat and I felt embarrased that I was wasting his time, better spent on others with cancer. I explained my symptoms, he did a physical examination, pressed on the tender spots... well, I nearly jumped of the bed. He said "Don't worry, I know what it is, it's not cancer, it's Costochondritis". "Costo what?" I said. "Inflammation of the rib cartilage, quite common in women after breast cancer and radiotherapy" he said. I smiled, "Common am I, how wonderful!". I meant it, what a relief to have a common ailment 🙂 the sweetest words I ever heard. I left his office with a new skip in my step. At times it is hard to rationalise which ache or pain is important. You know your own body, don't let your mind take you thru a million scenarios that may never happen, follow thru on the pains you feel aren't right. You may be pleasantly surprised like me and if not, you are then able to make the appropriate decision for you. Take care everyone.
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