To all you beautiful people out there that are suffering your own pain with loved ones, and still took the time to respond to my blogs, I thank you sincerely. You have all been a great comfort to me through this terrible time and I do hope that you will battle through your own grief and pain and at least find peace. I am still not coming to terms with what has happened and it still has not sunk in properly but that will come with time. I managed to buy a little 14 week puppy yesterday and Holly will share my journey back home to the East Coast and I will show her all the things my hubby Les wanted to see. Thank you again and I will check back every now and then to see how you are all doing. God Bless
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I'm glad you will not be so alone on your journey back east .You will be able to tell the puppy so much. I hope you get much comfort from it .
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Dear Gypsy, the Puppy is a great idea, great company & so loving. I will be thinking of you. Travel safe. Alison xxx
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