On the 11th of June, Josh will be the first Australian Retinoblastoma sufferer to undergo Intra-Ocular Chemotherapy. This involves Carboplatin being injected into the sclera of the eye. This form of treatment has been widely used in the US, and Josh will be the first Aussie to experience this. Im scared. Im scared he will be in severe pain. The thought of a needle going into my little 4 year old brother's eye is terrifying, and not to mention how it must burn... Im really really scared for him. But we have to think positively. Josh needs this therapy as he has a rare recurrence of cancer in his eye. His left eye was enucleated when he was 9 weeks old. Around 8 months old he was diagnosed with Bi-Lateral RB. Since then, the tumors in his eye have grown in the gel sac of the eye. There, they are not responsive to cryotherapy or laser therapy, thats why he has been having IV Chemo for the past 3 months now. Josh's Opthalmic Surgeon and Oncologist suggested the Intra-Ocualr therapy, and it begins on the 11th of June. We only get one shot at this type of therapy. It cant be repeated. If it doesnt work, Josh may very well have to have Radiation Therapy, or even worse... His only eye will have to be enucleated, leaving my little brother completely blind. We hope and pray to get good results for Josh, because there is still so much of the world for him to see... :) Love from, The Johansen Family. xx
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