Brent passed away last Monday, June 3 at 7.55pm. His mother, father, sister, brother in law, son and I were with him. It was a beautiful experience, he was peaceful, we played music and held him right till the end. His service followed his death, it was beautiful, it capture the essence of him perfectly and we had well over 100 people there. The disease is relentless. We know so little about it. Through my experience I would say this to those who are fighting it: focus on staying positive and live every minute as though its your last. As each change occurs, try not to despair but look for the next activity of enjoyment. Tell those who love you that you love them. Leave them notes, videos clips and discuss how you feel and how they feel as much as you can. The drugs can make this hard but make it your challenge, it's oh so important to those left behind. Keep fighting, life is worth living no matter what! Jo x
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