So as expected its metastatic melanoma. Had a PET scan today to determine if it has spread further than the lymph nodes in my neck. Results to follow soon.... I don't really know how to feel at the moment. I think I am just going through the mechanics of daily life as best I can. I do think about the diagnosis, but I am more interested in what I need to do in order to get better. I will have surgery on tuesday, and will be in hospital for a week. On one hand it will be terrible to be away from my babies and husband. But its also a nice break.... nothing to do but put my feet up and watch trashy television. I am not sure what it all means long term for me. I am avoiding Dr Google now as he scared me the other night. I know that everyone is different, but Dr Google had some mean percentages... Just going to take each day as it comes and do what I need to do, to ensure I hang around a little longer to pester my girls through their teens!!
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