I haven't been online for sometime now. I still check out the site every now and again. It is sad to see so many new members. It is sad to see that some members are no longer with us. You may be curious about my blog title. In May 2010, I wrote a blog titled "Our bed", that was the night before a hospital bed was being delivered to our home, in the last few weeks of my brave precious husband's life, not that I knew it was going to happen so quickly at the time. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at the time that it would possibly be our last night together in OUR BED, and I was right. It was. Now, 21 months later, I have just had a new bed delivered and I was not prepared for the onslaught of emotions that would come with it. A sense of betrayal.........that I have left him behind by replacing the bed that we had spent so many nights in each other's arms, sometimes with tears but always with love. A sense of excitement........I get to choose a new quilt cover and loads of cushions that look pretty and inviting and comforting. It is bittersweet........Greg always used to say "how many pillows/cushions do you need?" and always.......always an overwhelming sense of lonliness, that the love of my life is missing. As tired as I always am, I find it very difficult to go to bed, because it's an empty bed, it is empty of the love that I once knew and thrived on. A place of comfort is now a place of dread and now it is just MY bed.
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