Well, while it's been a tough few days after we heard the bad news, I could still manage and live my life. I could wake up earlier than usual to attended and 'participate' a full day workshop on Thursday with tired eyes and a mild hangover. I actually had swollen eyes from crying but a good bag of frozen peas did the job! I left my partner on his own on Thursday night and went to a friend's party. Being a cheap drunk, I had another mild hangover the next day but could still do some work on Friday. I emailed a Prof. at RMH and got my partner a speedy appointment for 2nd opinion next Tuesday. I rearranged an appointment with the oncologist as he forgot that this Monday is a public holiday but still booked us in to see him and possibly get my partner starts on new chemo. I rang Roche to find out how much we may have to pay for Avastin. Ouch, it could be around $20,000! if my partner responses well. If not, well, 3-5grand for the 1st dose to test it out. I rang the hospital to get MRI images CD made but haven't picked them up yet. I emailed Dr Helen Wheeler to get her advice as she's in Sydney and am grateful for her prompt responses. I emailed another doctor at RMH about a Clinical trial which is about to open, haven't heard back from her yet. I emailed Dr Ben Williams, a long time survivor of GBM, to get his advice and he kindly responded to my email. I spent this morning scanning Ben's document and took note of relevant researches on recurrent GBM treatment options so that I can discuss with the doctors. Ben did such a great job with his document which is pretty much like a scientific paper with all the references. I wonder if any oncologist ever read his document. At least, it's a great starting point for me. I remember a friend said "While there's life, there's hope". I also searched its origin. While there's life, there's hope. Cicero, Ad Atticum Roman author, orator, & politician (106 BC - 43 BC) And... while I'm doing all this, my partner has spent most of his time in bed @_@ I'd better go and annoy him!
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