I have found travelling around this website most inspiring and as a new member I thought I would just put a couple of thoughts out there. My radiotherapy is complete on 4th October. 2010. Having been diagnosed in January 2010 and going the maize of cancer treatment with chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy my new normal is starting to unfold. Many around me expect me to resume life as it was prior to January. They think that if I resume Life as it was then I must be in a positive frame of mind. Been giving this a lot of thought lately and I am positive but I have a new frame work about my future.For the first time in my life I don't have a definite plan and nothing is mapped out. Interestingly enough I was reading the local paper and a volunteer opportunity was written where a database is being created for contact on a monthly basis for the elderly and the isolated. It is being run from our local police station. I took the first step and contacted them and this may create for me a starting point to my new normal. A total change in direction. Is it only me that feels nervous about explaining my new direction to others particularly family and friends?
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